Need some motivation? Here are some major benefits of learning English.

Benefits of speaking English, both personal and professional

The greatest benefit of speaking English: fulfilling your dreams.

If your goal in life is to do business, English is an excellent tool. If you want to study at the best universities in the world, English helps you too. If you prefer to read books, watch movies and listen to today’s hottest podcasts… Guess what? English is also the key. These are just a few advantages of speaking English. Here we break them down and introduce you to others.

As everything in this life, besides this precious piece of information given here, English also depends on the goals you pursue when learning this language. Every person has a dream that he or she wants to fulfill by speaking English.

We hope these pointers can really help you on your path to achieving every single thing you are looking for! Well, having written this; let’s get this started!

  1. You can study abroad
    Studying abroad has many advantages, but how does it relate to speaking English? When we talk about undergraduate and graduate degrees abroad, we sometimes tend to think of American and British universities and colleges. However, even though speaking English does open doors, you can also get opportunities at schools in other non-English speaking countries or regions.

For example, in Quebec, Canada, French is the main language spoken, but McGill University, one of the most important in the world, has English as its official language. The same is true of the University of Tokyo (Japan) or the University of Reykjavik (Iceland), to cite other examples.

Another advantage of knowing English related to your studies is that, no matter where your university is located, you can apply for exchange programs with English-speaking universities.

  1. You improve your job opportunities
    Did you know that 25% of jobs require English speakers to interact with people from other countries? So says a survey conducted by Reuters. But why English and not another language? Well, because more than 375 million people speak English for business even if it is not their native language.

Thanks to figures like the above, thousands of companies worldwide are looking for people trained to interact in English and with certifications that endorse their mastery.

We are not only talking about local companies seeking to internationalize, but also about international companies that want to integrate the best profiles in the world into their ranks.

In fact, in a post-Covid-19 world, job opportunities for people who speak English have increased without the need to change their place of residence.

  1. Encourage networking
    Imagine an agenda full of contacts with professionals from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. What is the link between all these people and you? English. By having this skill, you eliminate the barriers of mother tongues.

So, whether you are setting up a business or undertaking research or artistic work, you can find the most qualified people who share your goals.

  1. It gives you access to thousands of documents
    Most of the content on the Internet is in English. We are talking about 25.2%, compared to almost 8% in Spanish. Although the written content can be translated from the browser, the result is not the best in terms of grammar.

In addition, those who do not speak English are missing out on much of the video content, YouTubers, influencers or celebrities who speak English, even a lot of excellent memes.

But it’s not all fun. When doing homework, research or needing information of any kind, searching in English will give you a wider variety of results than if you limit yourself to Spanish options. The best open sources of data, reports, statistics, studies, etc., are only available in English.

  1. Strengthen your brain
    This is hard to understand until you experience it for yourself, but by mastering another language, your brain works differently.

Studies have shown that the bilingual brain is able to concentrate better, learn more easily and multitask. Does speaking two languages make you smarter? Not exactly, but by switching from one language to another your brain exercises the area in charge of decision making, making it easier for you to concentrate and adapt to different activities at the same time.

It is also true that people who speak two languages can learn a third or fourth language more easily. You will find that after learning English, your brain will be able to better understand the structure of a new language.

  1. It helps you empathize
    Learning a language is learning about another culture. This is another of the most important advantages of knowing English because it helps you to understand, accept and respect the diversity of the world.

To the extent that we empathize with other people who are not like us and, better yet, understand them, we can work together to overcome the problems that afflict us all.

  1. You have more tourism options
    While you can travel anywhere in the world without having to know English or the local language, speaking English makes things easier, starting with flights and airports.

In addition, thousands of tourist centers around the world have guides who share the richness of a place with tours in English. In short, this language not only opens the doors to English culture, but to all the cultures of the world.

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