This is ‘The Squid Game’, Netflix’s dark proposal: All the hidden meanings within the series that you might not have noticed.

This is ‘The Squid Game’, Netflix’s dark proposal: All the hidden meanings within the series that you might not have noticed.

A bunch of strangers competing in a series of children’s games. With this premise we might think that The squid game is a series with a certain familiar tone. However, if we add that the participants risk their lives in each of these challenges, things change radically. This is Netflix’s new Korean bet, which tries to bring us closer to its traditional games by adding a bloody and dark element. Last September 17, its nine chapters arrived on the platform, so we will see if it manages to become the next obsession of viewers or if it goes unnoticed among the rest of fictions.

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Netflix’s ‘The squid game’.

In case you hadn’t noticed, everyone is talking about ‘The Squid Game’, the series that became the most watched in history and that has taken away from the step of those made under the seal of Hollywood.

Anyway, the commotion for this series has been so much that even in this portal we have already told you about some curiosities of ‘The Squid Game’ that will make you love even more this terrifying series and the real story that inspired ‘Squid Game’, a dystopia about the value we give to money, which we often put above life.

In this note we will talk about all the hidden meanings of ‘The Squid Game’. So pay close attention and if you haven’t seen the series, then stop reading because… A LOT OF SPOILERS ARE AHEAD!


What do the three symbols mean in ‘The Squid Game’?

‘The Squid Game’, used some elements to create the shape of a mollusk on the floor, so the circles, squares and triangles are recurring symbols within the series.

We see it in the cards that are given to those selected to participate and also in the uniforms, being used in the latter as a way to mark hierarchies among the staff of this diabolical competition.

The circles are the working class, the triangles are the soldiers and the squares are those who direct and monitor both the participants and the team.

Specifically, the letter O is the circle, the letter J is the triangle and the letter M is the square. By combining these 3 letters, we get OJM, which is read as Ojingeo Geim, short for ‘Squid Game’ in Korean, a traditional game in Korea.

What is the meaning of the codex or drawings on the walls?

The most observant fans of ‘The Squid Game’, noticed that every challenge faced by the main characters throughout the series, had been revealed early on, in the codices that appear on the walls of the room and in other places such as the one in the antechamber of the finale.

In a scene that introduces the premise of the survival competition, the camera pans to show the back of the room. Upon closer inspection, however, the illustrations revealed all of the games that the participants would engage in during their time in the competition.

Each game that the 456 people participated in are traditional children’s games played in South Korea, with different variations of them found all over the world. If you look closely at the photo below, each game is drawn in a simplified illustration that gives the competition participants a glimpse of their upcoming missions.

What do the red and blue cards that appear at the beginning of ‘Squid Game’ mean?

At the beginning of the ‘Squid Game’, Seong Gi Hun meets a stranger with a suitcase of money and two red and blue cards. After a small talk the stranger gives him to choose one of the cards, Seong chooses the red one. There is a theory that if our hero had taken the blue card, he would have become one of the workers of ‘The Squid Game’ , a masked man in a red jacket, instead of a gambler.

What does the doll represent in ‘Squid Game’?

In the very first episode, after the competitors are recruited, the first challenge they face occurs in the children’s playground. With the men in red carrying guns, the group is surprised by a giant doll. Through megaphones the rules of the game are explained, while the doll sings a song called ‘Green Light, Red Light’.

This figure represents what would become an executioner, as the players, who until that moment did not know what was going to happen to them, must fight for their lives. If they do not pass the established line, they will die.

However, for many, the doll represents the loss of innocence and the way in which we change as people.

Why are eliminated players put in a gift box in ‘The Squid Game’?

Another thing you probably noticed in ‘Squid Game’ were the black gift boxes with a pink bow. Every time a player is eliminated, in ‘The Squid Game’, the workers bring a box that looks like a gift to put them inside it, as if it were a coffin.The real meaning of the gift boxes is that the less people have the chance to win, the more money they receive.

What do the numbers in ‘Squid Game’ mean?

The numbers were not placed arbitrarily either. If you look closely, Seong Gi Hun, the protagonist of the series, has the number 456, a number that is not only equal to the numerical sequence of the prize (45.6 billion won), but also symbolizes the will: effort (number 4), challenges (number 5), balance and responsibility (number 6).

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