FRIENDS: THE REUNION. Our fave six are back!

FRIENDS: THE REUNION. Our fave six are back!

The six worldwide favorites are preparing their imminent return. After years and years of rumors and a year after the pandemic disrupted the plans for it, HBO Max has announced that it will premiere ‘Friends: The Reunion’ on May 27th.

So we only have a couple of weeks left to see the stars of the legendary sitcom in action again: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer back on the set that made them grow from more or less unknown actors to superstars.

HBO Max / People Magazine / Terrence Patrick

Their awaited comeback is an unscripted episode in which the actors will not play their respective characters in ‘Friends’ -except for one very specific moment-. In spite of everything, fans will be very happy with the result (and especially given the delay of almost a year that the project has been going on). Less than ten days before its premiere, we have finally been able to see the first images. They have been published exclusively by People magazine and we are literally squealing with excitement.

HBO Max / Friends: The reunion

When will HBO MAX be launched in Latin America?


For Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and other Latin American countries, the service will arrive by the end of June 2021 but we must be aware for different local alternatives due to the relevance of this pop-culture event!

So… here’s the official trailer!

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