Like Golf? Mario’s back in a classy way!

Like Golf? Mario’s back in a classy way!

The waiting period is over and Mario Golf Super Rush arrives for Nintendo Switch with essential aspects ranging from different game tracks to more ways to play. While it is true that the game has only 6 courses (with their respective 18 holes), there is an option for the curious that will allow them to get the best out of each course.

Besides, on this occasion, each course can be enjoyed in two ways: Standard Golf and Golf Against the Clock. The first mode allows you to use different options to increase the gameplay speed, while in the multiplayer mode you can only hit the ball once.

Time Trial Mode

If you decide to go for this option, you will have to keep all your attention on the energy bar, as this will be the key to perform impulses that will make us achieve victory. Being very useful in arid terrain, as well as to hit other players and make them lose coins.

Customizable gameplay

Regardless of the mode you choose, the game lets you customize everything to your liking, even the number of holes available, which will make the games shorter if you have little time. Special shots can also be modified.

Sensor and button control

Mario Golf Super Rush for Nintendo Switch has two ways to control the game: button and sensor. The buttons will still work as the previous games, while the sticks will serve to give trajectory. In addition, a higher or lower effect can be achieved when throwing by alternating the A or B button. It is worth mentioning that the sensor control will be available only if we play with the joy-con.

Toad is back

One of the most beloved characters in Mario Tennis Aces is Toad, so Nintendo brings him back to facilitate each game by performing updates and keeping us informed of what is happening on the court at all times.

Practice without limits

And if your thing is not golf, do not worry, Nintendo has prepared for this version an endless number of tutorials to improve the technique and know the terminology of this sport; explaining what is a putt or how we can improve our swing.

Play online

As expected, Mario Golf Super Rush for Nintendo Switch will feature online section. Nintendo has detailed that we will be able to play both with friends and strangers, facing each other via matchmaking (system that searches for other players of a similar level). Asimiso, it has the option that two players can play from the same console and use the Mii as characters in this section. To use the online functionality it will be necessary to be subscribed to the Nintendo Switch Online service.

Characters and surprises

So far, 16 characters have been confirmed. Their protagonists are: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, who will welcome debutants such as Pauline or Charging Chuck. But, as happened with Mario Tennis Aces, it is possible that the cast will be expanded after the launch.

The game will be developed in story mode and you can develop your character from scratch, giving way to hours of fun.

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