What is digital detox and why should you do it?

What is digital detox and why should you do it?

If the current pace of life has forced you to be connected to phones and computers all the time and to want to share everything. You might need a digital detox.

We live in a world where the first and last thing we do every day is look at our cell phone. Being aware of social networks and wanting to share everything, from where we are, what we do, how we feel and even what we eat has become something (too) everyday. Notifications, groups, emails, messages. We are glued to screens all the time. Would we survive a few days without them?

The dependency to our cell phones, computers and the need to be always connected has become an addiction, as powerful as a drug and as harmful as well.

As an “antidote” to this modern addiction, the practice of “Digital Detox” has become popular.

Let’s define what Digital Detox is about…

Digital detox is a break, a pause, a moment to disconnect from your phone, tablet, computer and social networks. It is to abstain from using technological devices connected to the internet for a defined period of tim.

The duration depends on the period that each person establishes and the willpower to comply with it. You can start with a weekend, advance to a week of vacation or extend it up to a month off, because the idea is not to affect the daily life, or the responsibilities and duties of people, so it is recommended to do it in times off from work and studies.

Detoxification can be progressive. You can start little by little, with actions such as not posting on social networks for a few days or eating and going to the bathroom without taking your cell phone.

The detoxification process…

  1. Set a start and end date: A weekend, a week, 15 days or a month.
  2. Define the scope of your detox: It will be only of social networks or you will disconnect completely from the internet, you will not be able to use your cell phone, but you will be able to use the computer. You decide.
  3. Resist: Follow your limits and stay firm. In case you feel that the regime you set yourself is too strict, you can define a free hour in the day and during that time you can check your phone, tablet or computer in case there is any message, call or mail of importance.

Benefits of digital detoxification

  1. Rediscover your priorities: By not having to be sharing everything, all the time you will be able to focus on the things you did before, when you weren’t spending all your time “connected” to a screen.
  2. Take advantage of your free time: Ride a bike, go for a walk, walk your dogs, take swimming lessons, learn to dance or whatever you want, the time you regularly spend watching memes, series and viral videos can be invested in some relaxing activity.
  3. Reduce stress: Not having to be aware of whether they sent you the mail you were expecting or if you have so many notifications and unread messages reduces the burden of daily stress.
  4. Enjoy life: In the eagerness to share everything, we have stopped enjoying things. Now you can chat with your family, watch a movie with your friends, dance to your heart’s content at a party, sing at your favorite artist’s concert without having to worry about making a video for your Facebook page or taking a good picture to share on Instagram.

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